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Voice Catch
Arrow Group has been into research and development activities since past 16 years. Our vision to develope innovative and futuristic solutions have taken us to our goal of excellence in everything we do.
Arrow has introduced "Voice Catch" to record telephonic talk !
Arrow Voice Catch is an affordable and effective voice logging and recording system, which automatically logs all incoming and outgoing calls. Once calls are recorded on your harddisk and stored in a secure database, Arrow Voice Catch convers the files into userfriendly audio format, for easy playback on your computer.
Why Record your telephone calls in the first place ?
More and more companies and individuals are realising the benifits of recording calls. It provides an accurate record of what was said by whom and when; avoids the need for repetition or speaking slowly; creates voice files to attach to client records; and provide a perfect aid for training, dispute-resolutions and compliance requirements. In short, call recording gets the individual and the company in control of their most prolific communication medium 'the telephone'!
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