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Why should I record My Telephone line
An increasing number of companies are recognizing the benefits of recording calls regardless of business size. Historically, call recording has been a high end application for call centres and financial institutions such as brokers where high-value transactions or a high volume of business is key.
Voice catch PBX-2-USB technology is breaking new ground, delivering fully digital high quality call recording for individuals and businesses at a price affordable for all. With low cost PC mass storage, archive of calls and user friendly call retrieval software, the question should be 'Why shouldn't I record every call?'
There are four fundamental reasons why an organization may wish to record their telephone calls:
» Improve customer service
» Record transactions of value
» Comply with industry regulations
» Increase security & avoid abuse
Some industries are required by legislation to record their telephone calls (such as certain financial institutions or premium rate services), others may be transacting a high value of business over the telephone and wish to record these transactions for playback in the case a customer dispute occurs. Whatever your primary purpose, there are always secondary spin-off benefits. We have listed some of the primary reasons and benefits for each of the four main applications below:
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