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Why is Voice catch Recorder better than other products?
Voice catch Record straight into the harddisk of your computer, rather than the analogue handset taps. Because of this it is able to offer perfect quality recording. It is also able to use the information to display incoming caller IDs (if available on your line) and the number dialled. This makes managing and identifying your recorded calls much easier.
Is Voice catch Recorder easy to install?
Voice catch Recorder can typically be installed in about 2 minutes. The unit plugs into the line between your wall socket and telephone key set, and is then connected to your PC using a standard USB cable (provided). Simple software installation provides a selection of common default settings.
Is Voice catch Recorder easy to use?
Voice catch Recorder can be used with no interaction at all. It simply recognizes when your telephone is in use, and records the call, as a background operation with no user interaction.
Alternatively, you can use the features of Voice catch Recorder to enter caller details, and your own notes on calls. So they are kept with the call itself.
How easy is it to replay my recordings?
Recordings can be replayed instantly. There are no tapes to rewind. You can even create a recording DURING a call using the "snapshot" feature, and listen to the earlier part of your call while still speaking to your client. This can be very useful if you missed some important details.
What duration can I record?
You can record any length of call, and keep them for as long as you like. How many calls you can fit is determined only by your available hard drive space. Using our built-in file compression, 20Gbytes of disk drive space can record more than 3,000 hours of telephone calls.
What if I don't want to fill my hard drive with telephone calls?
No problem. Voice catch Recorder has disk management features built in. You can tell it to automatically delete calls older than a specified age, Voice catch Recorder's flexibility, matches your needs
Is Voice catch Recorder compatible with my PC?
Voice catch Recorder works on Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP. You need a USB port to connect the device, and a soundcard to replay your calls. We recommend at least 1Gbyte of disk space to store your calls.
Can I send my recordings to other people?
You can email your calls from outlook. You can send Voice catch Recorder's own
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